Banded Stilts Little Village - Review
East Coast Kitchen Party
Released in the fall of 2013, Little Village follow the 2011 release of “By The Back Stair” EP. Two of the members of Banded Stilts are from Newfoundland. (Steve Haley & Brad Lannon were part of The Human Soundtrack.) Marc Fagan: Guitar, Banjo, vocals Don Mackay: Bass, violin Vocals and Reid Shepherd: Drums and Violin make up the rest of the group. That’s opened up performances at SappyFest and the Halifax Pop Explosion. Steve Haley delivers some solid lead vocals while everyone else helps out with background vocals. Some of the music reflects the folk/roots of today and the past, but we like them best where they excel with songs like “Boy of Stone” and “The End of February.” We’re streaming “The End of February” in our review. It’s a great song with sweeping vocals and tightly woven with instruments playing like they were meant to play together. Martha Kelly, whose name turns up as a session player on many albums, plays trombone on three tracks. There are nine tracks in all. The album was recorded by Don Mackay at Spaces Between in Halifax and mastered by Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles in Cambridge, Ontario.